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A Short History of Après-SkiBierre et cocktails entre amis

Après-ski (“after skiing”) is, by definition, a social activity that takes place after a day on the slopes. It’s a tradition as old as skiing itself, and is said to have originated in Scandinavia. The version of après-ski as we know it today—which typically features alcoholic drinks, good food, music and socializing with friends—was allegedly invented in the 1950s in the French Alps.

A Guide to Making a Great Burger

If you have a craving for a juicy, delicious burger, then do drop by the Burger Pub in Orford. As our name suggests, burgers are our specialty! You won’t be disappointed…

Maybe you’d like to recreate one of our perfect burgers at home? If so, here are some tips from our chef, Pierre Nief.

Burger Pub: A Mecca for Foodies

Sporty types, tourists, and locals alike love to gather at the Burger Pub in Orford, a mecca for hungry foodies, which is conveniently located on the terrace in front of the Espace 4 Saisons hotel complex.

The Founder Looks Back on His Early Years at the Burger Pub

Gilles Rouleau opened the Burger Pub 15 years ago. The former owner, now retired, has fond memories of getting started in the business, serving burgers and beers and the friendships that resulted from those early years.

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