What to order?

After having spent a day on the mountain, you’d prefer to eat….

a) Something hearty and substantial that will make me feel stuffed to the gills
b) Yummy food that will encourage me to pig out―as a reward for all that activity!
c) A variety of dishes to share with friends
d) A fresh, healthy meal

With or without our (very popular) fries?

a) Yes, but not only fries
b) French fries are my go-to comfort food!
c) Maybe. I haven’t decided yet
d) No thanks

A meat or vegetarian dish?

a) I crave meat!
b) I haven’t yet decided
c) No meat for me thanks
d) The best of both worlds―meat AND a large helping of veggies

If you had to choose something extra, it would be…

a) Onion rings
b) A duck leg confit
c) Soup of the day
d) Cheese please!


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